‘I Rakhwali’ of environ:Punjab govt to incentivize common man as Greenery Saviour

Chandigarh, Sep 3 (UNI) Punjab government has decided to now induct common people as ‘Greenery Saviours’ to further strengthen its drive to preserve and maintain environment in state.
The Punjab Forest Department has decided a dedicated application ‘I Rakhwali’, downloading which people can become a part of this mission to save environment from degradation, Forest Minister Sadhu Singh Dharmsot said on Thursday.
He said the application has been developed to ensure greenery and to protect environment, and its main aim was to inspire people to plant more trees. At that time, people did not know about various nurseries of department and the procedure how to obtain plant saplings.
With launch of this app, he said, people have got to know about geographical location of these nurseries and have easy access to free plants and saplings.
Dharmsot said on these lines ‘i Rakhwali’ app is being launched under which department would motivate people to save environment and seek their cooperation. In today’s time, forests are fast depleting and trees are being felled to make way for different development projects.
Many people think and are concerned about this and want to do something about this but in absence of information cannot do much, he said and added that “we have come up with this app to encourage people to come forward and contribute towards environment protection.”
The aim of this initiative is to safeguard state forest area by making people a stakeholder in this process, he said and added that anyone can report illegal felling of tress, any damage to forests, as common man have first hand information of these incidents.
“In such cases any citizen can download the I Rakhwali App and bring the matter to the notice of the concerned Forest Divisional Officer and contribute to protect the greenery of Punjab,” he said.


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