Data of Oxford coronavirus vaccine could be laid before regulators this year

An experimental coronavirus vaccine being developed by the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca could be laid  before regulators this year only if the scientists are able to collect enough data, said the director of the Oxford Vaccine Group on Tuesday.

 If scientists are able to gather enough data, said the director of the Oxford Vaccine Group on Tuesday.

Andrew Pollard told BBC Radio that,”It is just possible that if the cases accrue rapidly in the clinical trials, that we could have that data before regulators this year, and then there would be a process that they go through in order to make a full assessment of the data.”

The Oxford vaccine showed the early promise in the 1st  human trial when it produced an immune response, underlining its position as one of the leading candidates in the race to manufacture a vaccine to fight against a disease that has crippled the global economy.

Earlier this week, the trial hit the headlines when the Financial Times reported that the Donald Trump administration was considering fast-tracking the vaccine for use in the US ahead of the 3rd November  elections.

One option being explored that would involve the United States Food and Drug Administration awarding “emergency use authorization” in October to the potential vaccine, said the Financial Times.

“The process of going through emergency use authorization in an emergency is well established, but it still involves having carefully conducted data… and evidence that it actually works,” said Pollard.


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