10M Shooting Range at Kalinga Stadium inaugurated by Naveen Patnaik

Bhubaneswar, Nov 3 (UNI) The 10M Shooting Range at Kalinga Stadium under the aegis of Odisha Aditya Birla – Gagan Narang Shooting High Performance Centre, set up by Gagan Narang Sports Promotion Foundation (GNSPF) in partnership with Aditya Birla Group and Department of Sports and Youth Services, Odisha, was inaugurated by Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.

A total of 4200 children from Bhubaneswar are set to undergo Talent Identification test out of which a total of 200 children will be selected, who will be offered fully funded training scholarship at the new built 10M Shooting Range at Kalinga Stadium.

Under Shooting HPC banner ‘Talent Identification’, which started in Nov 2019 is being carried out across schools in Bhubaneswar. Scientific scouting process is being followed using various meta-cognitive and physical tests to identify naturally talented children for the sport of shooting in the age group of 11-14.

The tests include, BMI, 3D Coordination, Muscle Strength, Finger Dexterity, Finger Tapping, Reaction Time, Adaptive Matrices Test, DTKI – reactive stress tolerance and Two Hand Coordination.

Talking about the inauguration Naveen Patnaik said “India has been a major force in shooting at the global level, I hope that the launching of the 10M Shooting Ranges at Kalinga Stadium, Odisha will certainly produce a large no of shooting champions for the country.”

Founder Director, GNSPF, Gagan Narang said, “The 10m range is the first step towards the setting up of the Shooting HPC, which will now help in training the scouted talent as well as the current crop of shooters in Odisha in the six Olympic medal events. Till now we have covered approximately 2000 students from various schools and are confident of the talent pool available. We have already offered scholarship to 75 children across three schools and starting their Long Term Athlete Development Program at this world class range. The focus for this group of children, who joins us this year and next, is 2028 Olympics.”

Talking about their association with the Shooting High Performance Centre, KM Birla, Chairman, Aditya Birla Group said, “I am sure the Birla Gagan Narang Shooting High Performance Centre will provide a pathway to thousands of aspiring sportspersons and become a platform where the best of local talent can rise to shine on the international stage.”


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