BJP charges oppn with attempt to divide country under cover of Hathras incident

New Delhi, Oct 6 (UNI) The BJP on Tuesday expressed deep concern over the incident of Hathras and the politics of opposition regarding it and alleged that an attempt was made to divide the country and the society under the cover of this incident. In the first meeting of the new team of national officials of BJP, concern was expressed about the incidents of rape in various states in the country.

BJP general secretary Dushyant Gautam told reporters that in the meeting it was stated that if rape and murder is a highly condemnable and a heinous crime, whether it takes place with the daughter of a Dalit labourer or anyone else and whichever government is in power.

He said that four incidents take place in Hathras, Balrampur, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan but sadly, crocodile tears are being shed on the selected incidents by the opposition.

‘This is being done keeping the vote bank in mind. Their aim is to create a divide between Dalits and other societies in the country,’ he said. Mr Gautam said that the statement made in the press conference of Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) was extremely condemnable.

‘If Dalit leader Shakti Malik was asking for ticket, then he was asked for Rs 50 lakh. He was killed the next day. He said that this shows that the Dalit love of opposition parties is only for votes. They see Dalits only as votes,’ he said.

On a question about political killings in West Bengal, Mr Gautam said that more than 160 BJP workers have sacrificed their lives in the state. The events that are taking place in the state, are painful and the public is suffering.

He expressed confidence that in the next election, a BJP government will be formed in Bengal.

On a question about the affect of differences in the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) parties in Bihar elections, BJP General Secretary said that 85 per cent of the people of the country like Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Even in Bihar, everyone will choose Mr Modi, he added.


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