Farooq says spurt in militancy exposes Centre’s claims of normalcy in J&K after Art 370 revocation

Jammu, Oct 25 : Jammu and Kashmir National Conference President Dr Farooq Abdullah on Monday said that spurt in militancy across Jammu and Kashmir has exposed the claims of the Centre that terror would end after revocation of Article 370.
“Least to speak about ending militancy, it is on increase and Home Minister Amit Shah needs to answer why”, Dr Abdullah said while addressing a rally in bordering Poonch district.
Dr Abdullah expressed apprehensions about containment of militancy and peace returning to Jammu and Kashmir because of ill conceived policies of the BJP led central government.
They have deceived the people by snatching them from the unique special status, which owed genesis to the era of the Maharajas, who had incorporated permanent residence provision in view of special circumstances of the state, he added.
Cautioning people to remain steadfast in maintaining amity and brotherhood, especially on the face of the machinations being perpetrated to create fear psychosis and wedge between various segments of the society.
He said the National Conference has surmounted these challenges since its inception by pursuing the cherished philosophy of secularism and democracy, adding, “this has been the strength of this party in a diverse state like Jammu and Kashmir, which has maintained its glorious ethos in the most testing times.”
Dr Abdullah also exhorted the people to remain vigilant by elements deployed by the RSS in every area to create apprehensions in the public mind about religion being in danger.
This atmosphere, he said, is aimed at polarization to garner votes and added, “this is the tested tool of those who want to remain in power at all costs.”
The sagacious and politically matured people won’t get swayed by hate being spread by the divisive forces. He said divisive and hate politics has taken the toll of the unity, which is crucial for survival of a multi-religious and multilingual country like India. Such tactics have to be fought unitedly as divisive politics is against the ethos of this nation, which is the abode of all, irrespective of religion, region or culture.
The National Conference President exuded confidence that the people will foil all such attempts by keeping the flame of secularism shining despite provocations.


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