Gatherings get nod amid ‘possibility’ of curtailing of monsoon session of Parliament

New Delhi, Sep 21 (UNI) Braving the Covid-19 pandemic amid ‘possibility’ of curtailment of monsoon session of Parliament as the disease spreads, and flying the ‘flag’ of love and affection on the World Peace Day(WPD), India on Monday embarked on the ‘ greatest challenge’ under the ongoing Unlock4.0 while adhering to social distancing norms, by giving nod to all sorts of gatherings.
According to reports, Taj Mahal, the ‘symbol of love,’ and the Agra Fort, along with several archaeological monuments in Uttar Pradesh was thrown open to public on Monday, after remaining out of bounds for visitors for six months.
While, 5,000 tourists will be allowed daily as of now to visit Taj Mahal, 2,500 will be permitted for entry in the Agra Fort, the reports said.
Apart from Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort, the iconic Bada Imambada and the Chhota Imambada in Lucknow also reopened today with strict Covid protocols, the reports confirmed.

The ‘much-awaited’ nod to gatherings-social, religious and also political-was facing a ‘question mark’ on Sunday with reports of both the Government and the Opposition agreeing to cut short of monsoon session of Parliament as the pandemic spreads.
Experts are of the view that India’s Covid fight along with the world– is more ‘challenging’ compared to other countries because of Chinese ‘aggression’ and provocations from Pakistan, Nepal– which was further ‘strengthened’ on September 14 with the convening of monsoon session of Parliament after resumption of Delhi Metro Railway services on September 7.
Resumption of Delhi Metro Railway Services -the first of the three ‘crucial tasks’ under the ongoing Nationwide Unlock 4.0 became completely operational on September 12.
According to experts, Delhi Metro, which reopened it’s doors to commuters on September 7 in a graded manner, has “successfully passed” the first ‘acid test’ to ‘triumph over’ the Covid-19.
September 14 was the ‘real test’ for Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) as it was the first weekday with the entire Network operational with normal timings.
Earlier, the Government had decided that allowance of gatherings-social, religious,and also political -the last being specially beneficial eying the two coming Assembly Elections-Bihar in November and Bengal in April-May,2021, would be given on September 21.
Informatively, the Government, to maintain strict social distancing norms,had adopted a ‘week-long vigil’ from the day one of Unlock4.0, effective from September 1, before taking any ‘start.’
As the Delhi Metro and the Parliament Session had been arranged with that ‘week-long gap,’ the same was also followed till today- the ‘much-awaited’ nod to all sorts of gatherings.
Meanwhile, according to Union Home Ministry data, India recorded 93,356 cured and discharged Covid-19 cases in the past 24 hours.


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