Hathras shocker: BJP responsible for delay in treatment, denial of last rites, says Sonia

New Delhi, Sep 30 (UNI) Congress president Sonia Gandhi here on Wednesday condemned barbaric act of gangrape and murder of Hathras Dalit girl by upper caste men and unsymbolic cremation of the victim and claimed that death occurred due to negligence by the BJP-led government in Uttar Pradesh.

In a video message, Ms Gandhi said the entire incident was also a violation principles laid down by the Constitution and Congress will not allow Bharatiya Janata Party to play with it.

Calling the brutality meted out at the victim as a “blot on our society”, she asserted that Congress will fight for the justice to the victim and her family and appealed the masses to speak against the injustice in one voice.

‘For weeks, the outcry for justice by family of the girl was ignored. What was the state government doing? Attempt was made to hush up the matter. Proper medical care was denied to the victim. She has not died but has been killed by callousness of the UP administration,” Ms Gandhi said.

Slamming the Uttar Pradesh police action to cremate the body of the victim without her family’s consent, the Congress president said, ‘while she did not get a hearing when she was alive, even after death she was not allowed last rites on her soil. A wailing mother was not allowed to see her daughter for the last time. This is inhuman and a crime. She was cremated like a orphan due to tyranny by the police. What kind of justice is this?’

Warning that Congress would raise its voice against the denial of justice to the victim, she said ,’if you feel that you can do any injustice and the country will be a mute spectator, you are wrong. The whole country will speak against this injustice in one voice.

“India belongs to everyone. Here everyone deserve to live a life of dignity.We will not allow BJP to destroy the country and the Constitution,” she added.


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