INDRA 2020 Joint Naval drills conclude

New Delhi, Sep 6 (UNI) The 2020 edition of the INDRA India-Russia joint naval drills have concluded at the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea, Russian Pacific Fleet’s spokesperson Nikolai Voskresensky said on Sunday.

This year’s edition was hosted by India and it started in the Bay of Bengal on Friday. The participating Russian and Indian naval personnel practised their interoperability, in responding to emerging security challenges on the sea.

India’s fleet that participated in the drills included the Ranvijay guided-missile destroyer, the Sahyadri frigate and the Shakti fleet tanker, including integrated helicopters.

Russia sent its Admiral Vinogradov and Admiral Tributs destroyers and the Boris Butoma tanker, which is part of its Vladivostok-stationed Pacific Fleet, to participate in the drills.

Mr Voskresensky described the range of activities undertaken during the excersises, as “The joint Indian-Russian naval drills INDRA NAVY-2020 completed in the Bay of Bengal.

‘…During joint practical exercises, Russian and Indian sailors practiced tactical maneuvering, organizing communications, performed about 10 combat exercises, including a complex of artillery firing at sea and air targets, and used anti-submarine weapons. Deck-based helicopters were actively used in the exercises,’ Sputnik quoted Mr Voskresensky as saying.

The INDRA drills have been held regularly, since 2003.


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