Israel, India’s partner in quest for a green future: Netanyahu

New Delhi, Nov 27 (UNI) Israel and India are committed to innovation and are partners in their efforts to build a green future, says Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of the West Asian country.

“We want a future with less carbon and less pollution, a future based on green energy… I want to assure you that Israel is your partner in this quest,” Netanyahu said.

Addressing the international energy conference hosted by India, Netanyahu on Thursday said he welcomed the “vital initiative” by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The International Solar Alliance, an international organisation was founded by India to promote solar-based renewable energy.

Netanyahu noted that 10 per cent of Israel’s energy comes from the sun. By 2030 that figure is expected to rise to 30 per cent, he was quoted saying in a statement from his office.

“I believe that the most important renewable energy is ingenuity and innovation. And all the countries represented here, beginning with India and Israel, and all of you, are committed to seizing innovation in order to seize the future. And on that I think we can all be very, very hopeful,” he said.

In September this year, India’s International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology (iCreate) and Israel’s Start-Up Nation Central signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work together on a programme to accelerate innovation and technology cooperation between startups and corporates from both the countries.

The renewable energy conference was also attended by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and ministers from the UK and Denmark.
The Israeli premier’s office said Netanyahu was personally invited to take part in the event by Modi.

Netanyahu and Modi’s bromance is very apparent who often shower each other with public praise and good wishes.

Netanyahu has placed a framed photograph of himself with the Indian premier strolling barefoot on an Israeli beach when Modi visited the country in 2017 in his Jerusalem office.

Modi and Netanyahu have made official visits to each other’s countries. In September last year, Netanyahu was scheduled to visit India but cancelled it due to domestic reasons as Israel was going to the polls.


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