M should stop misinforming people against Centre, LG’s office

Puducherry, Oct 10 (UNI) Taking strong exception to Chief Minister V Narayanasamy levelling allegations against the Union government and the Lt.Governor’s office, Puducherry Lt Governor Kiran Bedi on Saturday said the former should stop misinforming the people against the Government of India and her office and instead tell them the truth that even the Court have endorsed the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) mode so far.
It may be noted that Mr Narayanasamy at a press conference here on Friday alleged that the Centre is directing to adopt DBT method in the free rice scheme to the poor and clothes for Diwali by accepting the suggestions of the Lt.Governor.
Ms Bedi in a Whatsapp post said that DBT method in fact had actually democratised receiving of benefits and empowered the people to make their own choices of using funds to meet their needs as they emerge.
She said the Government of India, both the Supreme Court and Madras High court have upheld the decisions taken so far on the direct transfer of funds to beneficiaries.
Ever since this policy measure, crores of rupees have got directly transferred and deposited into the accounts of lakhs of poor people and beneficiaries as per the entitlements in Puducherry.
Not a single complaint had come concerning this measure from any of the beneficiaries, she said.
The Lt.Governor’s office has supported all legitimate needs whenever forwarded by the Secretariat, duly examined by the Chief Secretary and Finance Department and hence where is the grievance and who is the aggrieved, she asked.
When the administration is doing a clean and honest service, it is in fact a credit to the Puducherry administration as a whole, the Lt Governor said, adding that the Chief Minister instead of expressing satisfaction and happiness over this benefit to his people, is lamenting for reasons best known to him.
Ms Bedi said Mr Narayanasamy should be most relieved and grateful that lakhs of people are receiving everything without any financial loss and added that DBT is the approved and legitimate mode now.
It has no leakage, no loss of revenue in transmission and the benefits are going straight into the bank account of the poor people, the Lt Governor said and added that there are no middlemen, no commission agents, no wait involved, no obligation, no give and take and no favours taken or given.
The Courts have upheld the policies of the Government of India when challenged and all the Secretaries are following this and are bound to do so too, she said.


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