Only ‘green’ firecrackers can be manufactured, sold, used in Delhi: Gopal Rai

New Delhi, Oct 28 (UNI) Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai on Wednesday said that only ‘green’ firecrackers can be manufactured, sold and used in Delhi. He further said that the Delhi government will launch anti-firecracker campaign from November 3, which will continue even after Diwali.

Mr Rai appealed to the Delhiites to start a ‘no cracker’ campaign, considering the seriousness of the situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Delhi Government said in a statement here.

Mr Rai said that Delhi has two main reasons behind the spike in pollution- Deepawali and Parali (stubble burning), therefore, strict enforcement of green cracker will take place and violators will be punished.

He said the DPCC will form 11 special teams, which will keep a vigil on the enforcement of this decision.

‘The Delhi government has launched various campaigns to combat air pollution. The government is sprinkling bio-decomposer to stop stubble burning inside the Capital. We have also launched the Red Light On, Gaadi Off campaign, anti-dust pollution campaign and have also come up with the EV policy.

‘We have also successfully done the tree plantation drive across Delhi. The Delhi government is also closely monitoring the pollution situation of all 13 hotspots. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will launch the Green Delhi App on Thursday, by which people can share complaints about any violation of environmental norms.”

‘Now, Deepawali is coming and we all know that the key reasons behind Delhi’s spike in air pollution is Diwali and Parali (stubble burning). In the time of Diwali, people burn crackers, which cause massive air pollution.

‘Keeping in mind the air pollution situation of Delhi we have decided that this year, only manufacturing and use of green crackers will be allowed. This decision is as per the Supreme Court order of October 23, 2018,’ he added.

Mr Rai said, ‘To make green crackers, pyrotechnic is being used, by which the emission of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide does not happen. This is why using green crackers can control or curb the spike in pollution level.

‘For all these reasons, the Supreme Court had decided to ban all the traditional cracker manufacturing in Delhi and allowed only green cracker. Across India, there are around 93 companies, which make green crackers using pyrotechnic. Tomorrow, we will upload the list of these companies at our website, so that the traders can contact these companies.”

Mr Rai said, “The Supreme Court gave the responsibility of enforcement to the licensing department of Delhi Police. Therefore tomorrow, the Delhi government will reach out to the Delhi Police and apprise them about the decision.

‘The Delhi government will also launch Anti-Cracker Campaign from November 3. This campaign will take place after Diwali too because many people burn crackers after Diwali.

‘The Delhi Pollution Control Committee will also form 11 different teams as special squads which will have engineers, five environmental marshals with vehicles. They will keep a vigil on the manufacturers across the capital,’ he added.

Mr Rai said, “I want to request every citizen to follow this order. This is our responsibility to bring down the pollution from our side. I want to request all the traders not to use any remaining stock of traditional firecrackers.

‘If the DPCC teams find out any such firecrackers, then strict action will be taken against the violators under the Environmental Protection Act and Air Act.

‘I appeal to all the citizens not to burn any cracker and to run No-Cracker Campaign because during the COVID pandemic, spike in pollution could be more dangerous. If anyone really wants to burn firecracker, then please use only green crackers.

‘The citizens of Delhi are taking part in the Red Light campaign and I am hopeful that by following this order, the citizens will cooperate to combat air pollution,’ he added.


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