PM tells engineering graduates to keep on learning and be humble

New Delhi, Nov 7 (UNI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday exhorted the youth and young engineers to keep on challenging themselves and continue to learn each day but, at the same time, be flexible and humble while being proud of their achievements.

Addressing graduates of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) here on the 51st annual Convocation of the premier engineering institute, he asked the outgoing graduates to be flexible and original but at the same never hesitate to fit into a team.
‘’By flexibility, I refer to the possibility to Stand out and Fit in. At no point of your life must you shed your identity. Be the original version. At the same time, never hesitate from fitting into a team. Individual efforts have their limits,’’ he added.

He said they would have to work with a new mantra when they go out of the institute. This was ‘’focus on quality; never compromise. Ensure scalability; make your innovations work at a mass scale. Assure reliability; build long-term trust in the market Bring in adaptability; be open to change and expect uncertainty as way of life.’’

It was important that one keeps challenging oneself and continues to learn each day. ‘’It is also important that you treat yourself as a student for life. Never think that what you know is enough,’’ he said.

Asking the students to be ‘’rightfully proud of your success, your achievements,’’ he said they should at the same time have ‘’humility’’ and be ‘’down to earth.’’ ‘’Very few people have done what you have. This should make you even more down to earth,’’ he added.

He told the students that they have ‘’exceptional abilities’’. After all, you passed one of the toughest exams, the JEE ! And then you came to IIT. But, two things would enhance their ability even more.—flexibility and humility.
He said the need for technology and people’s faith in technology would be their guiding light. There were ample opportunities for them in the country and challenges as well for which only they could provide solutions. The government was working on to find new ways and means for new solutions in every field.

Rules and regulations which stopped the tech industry from facilities like ‘’work from home’’ of ‘’work from anywhere’’ had been removed. This would make the country’s IT Sector globally more competitive and provide more opportunities to young talent.


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