SC adjourns hearing on Sudarshan TV case till Wednesday

New Delhi, Sep 21 (UNI) Supreme Court on Monday adjourned the Sudarshan TV News channel matter till Wednesday in connection with a petition filed by Firoz Iqbal Khan, challenging the telecast of a series of show on “UPSC jihad,” on Sudarshan TV. “We will hear the matter to September 23, Wednesday, at 2PM,” a three-judge bench headed by Justice D Y Chandrahud said, today.

Shadan Farasat, appearing for the petitioner, said that the morality will not mean public morality but certainly include constitutional morality.

Justice Joseph said, In India, we have a statutory mechanism where the government can interfere. If the government does not exercise power under Section 19 and 20 of Cable TV Act then courts can.

Farasat said, if Section 5 is read then there is the word “person”. The first part of the embargo is on any person. Cable TV usually re-transmits. This shows its applicable on broadcasters. All channels get uplinking and downlinking license.

Justice KM Joseph further points to Rule 10 under Cable TV act.

Justice Chandrachud said, Look at 6(M) it says: “Contains visuals or words which reflect a slandering, ironical and snobbish attitude in the portrayal of certain ethnic, linguistic and regional groups…”

The court said, but now it is not for the courts to enforce the program code else we have to take all the cases that violates it.

The Top Court will further hear the petition on Wednesday.


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