Sociologist Dr. Ankur Pare: The man whose love and quest for education is never-ending

New Delhi, Nov 23, 2020(UNI/Media officers): Aristotle once said, “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” The statement holds in the case of Dr. Ankur Pare, the renowned sociologist, educationist & philanthropist, who has a never-ending love for education. His journey of becoming a distinguished educationist and sociologist is inspirational.

Dr. Ankur Pare was born on 20th December 1984 in a Brahmin family, in the village of Madhya Pradesh. His parents are not highly educated. He grew up in an environment where there were not enough resources and no importance for education. In the initial years of schooling he struggled a lot, his schools were frequently changed due to quarrels and tussles within the family. Financial crunch and the family issue had an adverse impact on his studies so much so that till he reached grade 12 his schools were changed 7 times, each time he struggled to cope with the new school’s environment. He remained an average student during his entire schooling time due to these constant changes and family tensions.

Against all these odds he not only continued the education but won many awards in co-curricular & extra-curricular activities during school and attended many public awareness campaigns from an early age. After schooling, he moved to Bhopal for graduationin commerce (taxation). During this time, he worked hard on personality development. After completing a Master’s degree in sociology from Mahatma Gandhi Chitrakoot Gramodaya Vishwa Vidhayala, (Satna, MP) he pursued M.Phil from the Department of teaching, Barkatullah University, Bhopal. Dr. Pare also cracked the NET examination in the first attempt itself. He has also done PG Diploma in Computer Application. He has also done L.L.B. and PG Diploma in Yoga Science.After M.Phil he went on to do a Ph.D. under the guidance of renowned educationist Dr.Asha Singh, From Barkatullah University Bhopal. As he had struggled a lot for getting a quality education, he understands its value more than anyone else. His research work on displaced families due to industrialization and urbanization throws light on how these families are uprooted from their native place and living life like nomads. These people are relocated to new places where their productive skills may be less important. Apart from lost income sources, the entire process of re-socialization of displaced families can be understood in detail with the help of his work.

Most of his research work revolves around practical problems of modern society like displacement, rehabilitation, migration, disaster management, problems of refugees, the problem of food security, human rights, tribal problems, etc. His research work is of great importance in understanding the complex socio-economic issues of the country.

The issue of girl child education is very close to his heart. He says “It is heartening that after so many years of independence these girl children are still struggling to get basic education, which is their human right. It is our collective responsibility that everyone gets quality education” He works closely with educational institutions to ensure the girls dropped out of school due to socio-economic issues must return to the school campus.

The man who has struggled for a considerably long time to continue his education is helping others to get it so that they are not left behind. A few other social causes he works closely on, related to education are- rural education, adult education, and skill development.Dr. Ankur Pare has presented several research papers on national and international platforms. He has also authored a book by the name “Sociological studies of the Displaced families.”Dr.Pare’s quest for education is never-ending; he has not only ensured and acquired the highest level of education but helping thousands of people to get the same.


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