UP: 3 development blocks in danger zone due to chemical water in Jaunpur

Jaunpur, Sep 22 (UNI) In view of the chemical water coming out of factories and usage of fertilizers in fields more than the prescribed quantity, groundwater is becoming increasingly poisonous due to which three blocks here have gone into the danger zone. Sanjay Kumar Gupta, the Executive Engineer of Jal Nigam, said that groundwater level has become poisonous in Ramnagar, Rampur and Barsathi development block areas in Jaunpur, which lies adjacent to carpet city Bhadohi.

Water is getting polluted due to deadly chemicals deep down the earth due to which the hand-pumps that give polluted water were marked but no substantial steps could be undertaken for solving the problem.

He said that the usage of chemical fertilizers to increase yields in the fields is increasing rapidly. There is also no drainage system for all the hand pumps installed in the villages. Detergent powders used while washing dirty water and laundry nearby are also polluting the water.

The situation is worsening due to the chemical water released from the factories of Sidhavan of Rampur block. Polluted water is coming out of all the hand-pumps in the Madiyahun area also.

During a survey in the Rampur area, the water of 7,852 hand pumps was tested in which fluoride, nitrate and iron exceeded the standards. In the same manner, water was also found to be polluted during a survey on hand-pumps in Madiyahun and Ramnagar.


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