Urdu Council to institute awards for creative Urdu writing: Pokhriyal

New Delhi, Aug 28 (UNI) Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ has said that Urdu is the seventh-largest language in the world with its fragrance rooted in India and conveying the message of humanism, solidarity, unity and human welfare.

Making his inaugural address on behalf of the National Urdu Language Development Council at a two-day international Urdu webinar on ‘Responsibilities of Urdu writers in the era of electronic and social media’, Dr Pokhriyal on Thursday said the Urdu language has extraordinary beauty and ability to reach hearts. In this regard, he made special mention of Mirza Ghalib’s poem which contains facts of life.

Referring to Iqbal’s famous Hindi anthem “Saare Jahan Se Achcha, Hindustan Hamara”, he said listening to this poem evoked feelings of patriotism and it strengthened the bond with our motherland.

Expressing satisfaction over the achievements of the National Urdu Language Development Council, he said while the budget of the Council has more than doubled during the tenure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on the other hand, the scope of the schemes of the Council has also been broadened and students have benefitted from them. The number of students has exceeded 1.6 million.

Making an important announcement on the occasion, he said in the name of Urdu personalities like Amir Khusro, Mirza Ghalib, Aga Hashar, Ram Babu Saxena and Dayashankar Naseem, the Urdu Council would institute awards and honours to encourage Urdu writers for literary and creative activities from next year.

In his welcome address, Council Vice President Prof Shahid Akhtar said only those nations were developed which adapted to the times.

Today, while social media has become an integral part of our lives, the new generation was learning Urdu.

He said Urdu writers and creators were also realising their responsibility and there were many literary forums on social media promoting the Urdu language and literature. He stressed that Urdu writers and creators should express their views in Urdu script on social and electronic media so that the language could be promoted.

Council Director Dr Sheikh Aqeel Ahmed highlighted the theme of the webinar and its need and importance, and said in the current century, social media and electronic media had established their dominance over the entire universe. There was not even a moment’s delay in accessing information or news. All types of information reached us in just one click. He said, “in the age of abundance of social media and information, we have to create a universality in our thinking instead of localism. We must expand the scope of our subjects. Writers’ work is not only to express feelings but also to bring global issues arising through consumerism into the scope of their writing and discourse.”

In the context of Urdu writers, Dr Aqeel Ahmed said writers and poets in Urdu have always preached the ultimate unity and solidarity.

They played an important role in building the country and even today in the era of social media they were performing their duties well.

“I hope they continue to perform their social and literary responsibilities in the same way,” he added.



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