Work needs to be done on all fronts to end pollution: Javadekar

New Delhi, Oct 18 (UNI) Minister for Environment, Forests and Climate Change Prakash Javedekar on Sunday said the problem of pollution is not limited to a specific state and to eliminate pollution, it is necessary to work on every aspect of the same.

In a direct communication with public through Facebook Live over the issue of pollution, Mr Javdekar said, ‘Everyone must be concerned about pollution and must work to bring it down. This is not a problem limited to a city, village or a specific state, but a problem faced by the entire world.

‘To end this problem, we must work on every front. The government has taken several measures and steps to combat pollution, but fighting pollution is everyone’s responsibility,’ he added.

The Minister said that everyone can contribute towards the solution to the problem at their personal level, and that people must maintain their vehicles and keep them in a good condition.

He further urged that one must avoid using vehicles for short travel and rather go for electric vehicles than the petrol and diesel propelled ones.


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