Rahul attacks govt on ‘failure’ to contain Covid deaths

New Delhi, Oct 19(UNI) Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday again attacked the BJP-led NDA government at the Centre over its ‘mismanagement’ of the economy and its ‘failure’ to check the deaths due to COVID-19.
Mr Gandhi posted on his Twitter account a table comparing the number of deaths in various countries due to Covid-19 and the projected contraction in the GDP in the year 2020 in these countries.

The table quoted IMF figures to project a 10.3 per cent contraction in India’s GDP in 2020, while Thailand’s GDP is projected to contract by 7.1 per cent while that of Malaysia is projected to contract by 6 per cent, Afghanistan by 5 per cent, Sri Lanka by 4.6 and that of Pakistan is projected to contract at 0.4 per cent.
The table also quoted IMF figures to show that the number of deaths in India per million is 80, while the death per million due to Covid is lower in Indonesia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nepal.
‘How to completely destroy an economy and infect the maximum number of people really quickly,’ Mr Gandhi posted on his Twitter account .

He has been constantly attacking the PM and the BJP government on the mismanagement of the economy and mishandling of the Covid pandemic.


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