World record crown from three years on the name of grass artist. From Rajpura, Chouhan set unbreakable world records. Heritage made my name and identity – Grass Artist.

Recently, the Limca Book of World Records’ auditions from 2020 to 2022 have been published for the public, in which various types of records and abilities of people and their names are published in this book, these records are broken and made every year. But if we talk about the Grass Artist of Rajpura, then his name is also recorded in this record book. Remembering the past, Abhishek Kumar Chouhan had made a record in 2019, which has been displayed in the recently published record book. Grass artist Abhishek’s record has not been broken by anyone for 3 years. So his name is recorded at number two in the skill category in the Human Story chapter this year.

Name made due to heritage and meditation – Grass Artist told that he meditates for two hours every day, due to which he is expert in the skill of art with grass by being blindfolded. Meditation increases his concentration and meditation develops these types of Unique abilities in him, which are not easy to understand or break, it is a matter far from science. From the grass I have learned humility, strong determination, never giving up.

Let us tell you that Abhishek is just 27 years old and this is the only young man whom the Punjab Government has also recorded in writing that Abhishek is the first artist in the country who specializes in the skill of making art with grass by being blindfolded. He also has accolades from the Guinness Book of World Records and recently made the world’s smallest spoon, which is just 2 millimeters in size. The non-breaking of the records made by him shows his special talent.


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