Opposition members hold march inside Parliament premises over farmer & labour bills

New Delhi, Sep 23 (UNI) In the leadership of the Congress party , other opposition party leaders on Wednesday took out a march from the Gandhi statue to the Ambedkar statue inside the Parliament premises against the farmer and labour bills. The opposition has boycotted the proceedings since Tuesday over suspension of eight RS members and its demand of amendments in the farmer bills.

Along with the Congress , members of Samajwadi Party, AAP , DMK, Rashtriya Janta Dal, Trinamool Congress , NCP and Janta Dal S have boycotted the remaining session.

Prior to this , the members of these parties had a meeting in the room of the leader of Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad for the future course of action and strategy.

After the meeting the members held a march from Gandhi statue to the Ambedkar statue in the premises of Parliament.

Tweeting a picture of this march Congress leader wrote ,’ Congress and the like minded parties have held a march from Gandhi statue to the Ambedkar statue inside the parliament premises against the anti- farmer and labour bills. These bills have been passed in a non democratic manner by the PM Modi led government.’

The two bills regarding farmer welfare were strongly opposed by the opposition members in the Rajya Sabha on Monday , and amongst the ruckus eight opposition members were suspended for the remaining session.

These members against this staged a protest outside the Gandhi statue for an entire day.

Leader of opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad on Tuesday met the Chairman of Rajya Sabha and asked for revoking the suspension of the members and also asked for amendment in farmer welfare bills, and on getting no assurance , the opposition announced to boycott the remaining session.



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