Venkaiah calls for conservation of nature to be made into a mass movement

New Delhi, Sep 9 (UNI) Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Wednesday called for environmental protection to be made into a mass movement and said that standards of development should be revisited keeping in mind the co-existence of humans and nature.

Addressing a programme online on the occasion of Himalayan Day, the Vice President said all people, especially the youth, should come forward for the protection of nature as human existence is possible only with the protection of nature.

He said standards of development should be reconsidered as the preservation of nature is essential for human survival.

Expressing deep concern over the rapid melting of the Himalayan icebergs, he said the conservation and promotion of mountain range is necessary. The Himalayas are a rich source of resources and a policy of development should be made keeping in mind their conservation.

He said there should not be development at the cost of environmental degradation and frequent occurrence of natural calamities is the result of negligence towards conservation of nature.

Referring to the environmental, economic and cultural utility of the Himalayas, the Vice President said due to its absence, the whole of India will become a desert.


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