China to begin vaccinating at-risk groups against COVID-19 Over winter, spring

Beijing, Dec 19 (Sputnik) The Chinese government will look to expedite the rollout of vaccines against COVID-19, with at-risk groups the first to be inoculated against the disease over winter and spring, Zeng Yixin, the deputy head of the Chinese National Health Commission, said on Saturday.
“Over recent days, everyone has noticed that several cases of infection have been associated with the supply of frozen goods. With the start of the winter-spring period, the air temperature is decreasing, which could make things more difficult. Therefore, based on the emergency use experience for the vaccine, we are expanding our efforts to vaccinate at-risk members of the population. This is extremely important for controlling the pandemic,” Zeng said at a press briefing.
According to the health official, at-risk groups in China include customs inspectors, medical professionals, workers who handle imported frozen products, logistics workers, seafood market employees, and public transport staff.
Additionally, those who receive a vaccine against COVID-19 will still be required to wear protective masks and maintain social distance, Zeng remarked.


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