Globally more than 21.70 lakh people lost lives due to Covid-19: John Hopkins University

Washington/New Delhi, Jan 28 (UNI) More than 21.70 lakh people worldwide have died due to the global epidemic Corona virus, and more than 10.07 crore people have been affected.

According to data released by the Center for Science and Engineering (CSSE) of America’s John Hopkins University, the number of corona infections in 192 countries of the world has increased to 10.7 crore while more than 21.70 lakh succumbed.

United States the most affected country by corona, has reached about 2.56 crore infected cases, while more than 4.29 lakh patients have died.

The number of corona infects in India has exceeded 1. 6 crore while the number of those who have beaten this epidemic has exceeded 1. 3 crore and the fatalities has reached 1,53,724.

In Brazil, the number of people infected with Corona virus has exceeded 89.33 lakhs and more than 2.19 lakh patients have died due to this epidemic. The number of corona-infected people in Russia has exceeded 37.33 lakhs while 69,971 people have died. In Britain, the number of infected people has crossed 37.25 lakh and one lakh two thousand 085 people have died.

In France, more than 31.65 lakh people have been affected by the virus and 74,600 patients have died. So far, more than 26.70 lakh people have been infected by the epidemic in Spain and 57,251 people have died. In Italy, about 25.01 lakh people have been infected so far and 86,889 people have died. So far, 24.50 lakh people have been affected by the covid-19 in Turkey and 25,476 have succumbed.

In Germany, the number of people affected by the virus has crossed 21.79 lakh and 54,498 people have died. In Colombia, more than 20.55 lakh people have been affected by this deadly virus and 52,523 people have lost their lives.


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