Extensive track maintenance work done by ER’s Sealdah division during pandemic time

Kolkata, Sep 13 (UNI) During this pandemic time of Covid-19, Eastern Railway’s (ER) Corona warriors of Sealdah Division have converted this crisis into an opportunity for executing some long pending infrastructural and maintenance works.

Many track maintenance works are executed ever since the nationwide lockdown was imposed. Side by side, great stress has been laid on night patrolling and night inspections, an ER spokesperson here on Sunday said.

Some of the main works conducted by ER’s Sealdah Division during the lock down period are detailed as under:

Patrolling of track with GPS tracker: It has been executed to ensure track safety. The key man patrolling the beat daily to observe the safety of the track are provided with GPS tracker which can be used to track their movement in real time and Railway staff can use it to call Control Room and inform about any unusual they find on track.

Monsoon patrolling of vulnerable sections are also being done in a similar manner. Track renewal works: For the first time track renewal work using PQRS machine has been initiated in Sealdah Division and approximately 2 km track renewal work has been completed since then and 10 km complete track renewal has been done manually.

Deep screening of the track: 74.76 km deep screening of plain track and 70 Nos. points and level crossing deep screening have been done so far.

Removal of scissor cross over in Sealdah South has been replaced by two cross overs. Removal of forced layout: 5 Nos. forced layout have been removed. Track tamping: Track tamping and turnout tamping have also been done.

Ultrasonic flaw detection: Ultra testing of track has also been done to detect any flaw of the track. The basic objective of this track maintenance activity is to provide rail users smooth, safe & uninterrupted train services with a view to show zero tolerance in safety matters.


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