Seven Govt agencies have long overdue payment to DJB: Raghav Chadha

New Delhi, Sep 29 (UNI) Vice-Chairman of Delhi Jal Board (DJB) Raghav Chadha on Tuesday said around seven government agencies have not paid their dues to the DJB which are pending for long, with the total outstanding amount accounting to Rs 6811 crore.

He requested all these agencies to pay the outstanding amount as early as possible. He said that the Delhi Jal Board has also issued notices to these agencies regarding the pending payments.

Mr Chadha explained that due to the COVID-19 pandemic the economic condition of the state government is in bad shape, therefore, the Delhi government is in the view to finish all such pending transactions in a bid to improve the economic condition.

The exact amount of dues owed by different faltering authorities viz, Central Government-run (Indian Railways, CPWD, Delhi Police and DDA ) and MCD’s (North, South and East) with the total amount as on August 24, 2020 is almost Rs 6811 crore.

“Delhi is reeling with the aftermath of an extraordinary situation of the pandemic- COVID-19. Although it is highly commendable as to how efficiently the Delhi government departments have worked together to fight through this deadly disaster but post the national lockdown and revival of normalcy, it can also not been overlooked that the paucity of funds in across Governments can pose a stumbling block with regard to delivery at its full potential which can very well be surmounted if the Board receives its shares of outstanding dues pending from several government agencies,” said Mr Chadha.

“We cannot ignore the most fundamental means of coping with financial challenges that we face today. Therefore, it is incumbent for the aforementioned Central Government-run bodies as well as the MCDs to expeditiously respond to our requests and cooperatively work for the benefit and welfare of our society,” he said.

“The pandemic and all of the other factors cumulatively, have now put the DJB in a precarious situation. If the dues are not cleared within the stipulated time, the board shall be constrained and left with no other option but to initiate coercive actions until the full and final payment is recovered. I do hope and wish that the need to press into service the rigours of penal provisions shall not arise,” he said.

“However, I am sure that the agencies will respond to these requests with magnanimity as all the authorities are working in tandem to attain one superior objective, that is, service of the society and its people,” he said.

“We also have our own financial obligations and responsibilities, which we have to fulfil. We have big projects, which we are on-going, but considering our financial obligations, we would like to urge that all agencies pay the outstanding dues within 30 days. We have issued show cause notices to all the seven agencies,” said Mr Chadha.

“We are confident that these seven agencies will take notice and pay the dues within the stipulated time. In this regard, if the Delhi Jal Board can offer any help, assistance or clarification, we are more than willing. In the notices sent to these departments, some departments have written to us and sought clarification. We are confident that they will definitely fulfil their financial obligations towards us, and together we shall overcome all challenges that these unprecedented times pose,” he said.

He also informed that as per the DJB show cause notices have been served to all these agencies.

“Authorities have been sent a Show Cause notice in the first half of September 2020 to the erring authorities as another opportunity for the clearance of outstanding dues within 30 days from the receipt of the said notice,” added Mr Chadha.


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