Jammu and Kashmir: Fear of reaching consignment through drone in Ferozepur

The interrogation of the two terrorists who were arrested from Jawahar Tunnel in Kashmir continued on Saturday. According to defense sources, the terrorists are repeatedly talking about the arrival of weapons from drones, which they had to deliver to Kashmir. On the other hand, according to the security agencies, the issue of weapons coming from Punjab also cannot be denied.
The packing of weapons captured in Ferozepur in Punjab was similar to that of weapons recovered from Jawahar Tunnel. Weapons may have arrived in Punjab through drones. Both terrorists are lying about carrying weapons from Basantar Darya of Samba to divert the attention of the security forces. Start of tunneling, empty bags of cement and The excavation of the tunnel found near the zero line of Binglad, the border village of Jar Mile district, was started on Saturday. According to sources, twenty-two feet were excavated at two places. The tunnel is about 25 feet below the ground, whose rounding is also three to four feet. Some more empty bags of cement have been recovered from the tunnel during the excavation. At the same time, tunneling tools have also been found. This has confirmed that the tunnel may be about a year old.


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