France’s Sanofi to boost Pfizer vaccine supply amid EU shortages

Paris, Jan 27 (UNI) Amid the vaccine shortages being faced by EU, French drug maker Sanofi announced on Wednesday said that it will help to mass produce the Novel Coronavirus vaccine, developed by Pfizer/BioNTech.
According to a statement released by Sanofi, it has struck a deal to produce 125 million doses of vaccine by the end of the year, a BBC report said.
Pfizer-BioNTech had said that it was facing problems in production of the vaccine, as was AstraZeneca, which was also falling behind in fulfilling its EU deal.
This has led to EU threatening to restrict the exports of vaccines made within the bloc to deal with the shortfall.
Sanofi’s chief executive said the contract with Pfizer was a first in the pharmaceutical industry and it comes after the French firm delayed the launch of its own jab.
The Germany-based BioNTech will initially produce the vaccines at Sanofi facilities in Frankfurt, starting in July, said the statement.
The EU has ordered 600 million doses of Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for use across its 27 member states. But, the company was not able to supply the 12.5 million vaccines it promised the EU by the end of 2020, due to supply chain issues, it added.


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