COVID-19 Vaccination to Be Free in Finland – Health Ministry

Helsinki, Dec 3 (Sputnik) – The COVID-19 vaccination in Finland will be free and will start in early 2021, the country’s Health Ministry said.
“Finland’s goal is to protect the entire population with a licensed vaccine. Vaccines are offered free of charge to everyone who wishes. The ministry estimates that the first vaccines will be available in the country early next year. Vaccinations should be started as soon as possible,” the ministry said.
A final decision on vaccination can only be made after the vaccine is approved and becomes available.
Vaccinations will be offered by priority: medical personnel, patients of hospitals and nursing homes, people of older age groups.
Finland participates in EU procurement, which guarantees the possibility of receiving the coronavirus vaccine from several different manufacturers. The EU Commission is currently negotiating a supply agreement for six different vaccines. Finland takes part in five of them, and the sixth agreement is being prepared for adoption, the ministry said.


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