Hacking attacks to grow more complex, threaten more technologies

Moscow, Dec 7 (Sputnik) Hacking attacks will grow in sophistication and more and more technologies will come under threat, Eugene Kaspersky, the head of IT security company Kaspersky Lab, said on Monday.
“Attacks will grow more complex, more and more technologies will come under attack, but which one and in what order – this does not depend on us,” Kaspersky said.
Kaspersky also outlined several other trends, such as cybercrimes becoming more widespread, the emergence of highly professional “cybergangs,” as well as the growth of cyberattacks against infrastructure.
The IT specialist was not sure if the growth of the Bitcoin price would lead to more attacks because criminals are not dependent on Bitcoin prices, as they know sums they want to get in real money and just calculate buy-back in Bitcoin when they commit attacks.
With the rise of various new technology trends, such as blockchain, the internet of things, machine learning and increasing automation, the importance of security has grown significantly, as criminals find illicit activities to profit from as well as update the ones they are already engaged in.


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