Modi slams Tejaswi for shedding crocodile tears for farmers : Modi

Patna, Sep 26 (UNI) Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi today alleged that RJD leader Tejaswi Prasad Yadav for opposing Agricultural reforms initiated by the Centre, saying he had no moral right to do so as nothing was done for farmers during RJD regime in Bihar.

Mr Modi tweeted that Mr Yadav was in habit of leading aristocratic life and using BMW cars.

“He had also celebrated his birthday day by cutting cake in charter plane and in such a

situation how he could portray himself to be well wisher of farmers just by driving tractor,”

Mr Modi said.

Deputy Chief Minister said that Mr Yadav was only shedding crocodile tears for farmers while Narendra Modi government had taken historic steps to improve their lot by initiating Agricultural reforms.

Any opposition party had right to protest but it was not proper and could never be justified the

way BJP office was attacked by workers of a party, he said adding that they stood exposed in


Mr Modi said that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was also feeling perplexed as he was no

longer enjoying the privilege of controlling Prime Minister through remote.

Now Narendra Modi is Prime Minister of India and he had taken all decisions with guts

in the interest of country while Mr Gandhi looked restless it was beyond of his capacity to

control him, he noted.


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